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Michelin® Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
20, 21, 22 Outubro - Phillip Island
Gold & Silver Package

GOLD PASS acesso no dia de Corrida, no domingo.
Pacote GOLD e SILVER acesso no dia da corrida, domingo, e da qualificação, sábado.
NOTA: Dos 2 aos 12 anos. Acesso gratuito para crianças com menos de dois anos.

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  • Changes, Cancellations & Refunds

    We regret to inform that our purchase policy states there are no exchanges or refunds possible once a ticket has been purchased. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

    If you select 'voucher' as a delivery method, please note that if a different person will be attending the Grand Prix on your behalf, you can change the redemption information on the voucher by accessing your Once the name and Identification Card number are changed, a new copy of the voucher will need to be printed.

  • Delivery Methods & Voucher Redemption

    Depening on the Grand Prix, you can either choose to collect tickets at the Voucher Exchange Point location at the circuit or select a courier delivery.

    The redemption process at the circuit is very simple. You will need to visit the Voucher Exchange Point location of the circuit during the race weekend. There you will be asked to show your most recent voucher (either printed or visible on your Smartphone device) and the Identification Card number you provided when purchasing your tickets in order exchange it for the actual event tickets.

    Remember that all this information can be reviewed and changed by accessing your Please note that a new copy of the voucher will be created if any information is changed.

    Courier delivery is only available until 1 month prior to the event. After that, all tickets will need to be picked up at the Voucher Exchange Point location.

  • Seat allocation

    Seats are automatically assigned when finalizing the transaction. However, since tickets are held by the circuit, we are not able to provide seating numbers until the circuit provide us with the actual tickets at the event.

    In case you want to purchase tickets on separate transactions, please contact us and provide us with the order code numbers and details of both transactions and we will try to allocate your seats together.